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Aromatherapy is an excellent natural treatment that uses concentrated, herbal energies in essential oil (pure extracts from plants) in association with massage, friction, inhalation, compresses and baths to heal all kinds of health problems. It rejuvenates the body and uplifts the mind and hence solves problems such as stress, tension, headaches, migraine, acne, hair fall, dandruff, diabetes, arthritis and many more.


1) Theory

2) Practical
- Reflexology
- Aromatherapy Facials
- Aromatherapy Body Massage

Yoga Class

Healer. Listener.
Guide. Teacher.

These are a few words that describe me, Hina Sampat, a yoga instructor and an aroma therapist. A staunch believer in the phrase 'Healthy is not a goal, It is a way of living'. I do my best to introduce my students to the power of healthy eating and healthy living.

I began my journey 10 years ago. A journey to self-actualization and healthy living. Today, with a deep knowledge of Yoga and it's Philosophy as well as Aroma therapy, I am able to guide individuals on the same path, and include them in my beautiful journey.
Join my yoga classes at Bunglow No 90. First Floor. Next To Holy Family. Hill Rd. Opp Vijaya Bank. Bandra West

Session timings:
3.00 PM to 4.15 PM
4.30 PM to 5.15 PM
5.30 PM to 6.15 PM

Session days:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Contact for inquiries and admission:
Cell phone: 9820957577
E mail:

Experience Aroma Therapy
Aroma oils, and Lymph Draining Facials with pleasantly scented Aromatic oils that produce positive psychological and physiological effects and also improves energy level. Please drop in a message or contact me on the email provided.

Sadiqa Nathani
Aromatherapist -
CIDESCO (Zurich)

Aromatherapy Courses for professionals, as well as for self use.

Offering Aromatherapy Treatments And Consultancy


For more details please contact :

Sadiqa Nathani
90 Hill Road,
Bandra West, Mumbai (Bombay),
India - 400050
Telephone : 91-22-26556659
Email :,





1) By doing this course you can practice as a Professional Aromatherapist.

2) As well as for self use and for family and friends.

3) Prepare Blends for all different problems.


Moisturisers made according to skin types.

Ointments made for any skin problem like acne, eczema, etc.

Oil Blends available for all Hair problems like falling hair, dandruff, psorises, etc.

Oil Blends for slimming, muscular pains, backache, etc. also available